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"Dan has helped me develop plans, build teams, lead others, and deliver high quality products for our customers."

~Tom Anderson

experience | 

Expertise |


I coach differentiated leaders -- helping them be authentic, act with courage, lead beyond boundaries and create value.

I offer my clients ...

A unique combination of ...

  • Experience

    • 30+ years in leading global firms

    • 20+ years as a senior leader 

    • 20+ years ministry leadership

    • 10 years developing and coaching ministry leaders

  • Expertise 

    • Coaching

    • Facilitation

    • Operations Excellence

  • Passion

    • Authentic leadership

    • People matter!


A performance-free, penalty-free coaching environment conducive to growth.

People come to me ...

  • To help them make connections 

  • To learn and glean from my experience

  • To go further faster

My clients include ...

  • Executives

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Aspiring leaders

  • Pastors & ministry leaders

  • People navigating career change

  • Teams & organizations


Do you want to have a greater impact for your clients? for those you lead? for your family? for your community? and beyond??

Jump start with a Strategy Session or book a three / six / twelve month engagement.


Critical meetings need expert facilitation. As your facilitator, I will bring high energy -- which draws everyone into full participation where they bring their best -- and a solution orientation. After all, this is important. Let me help your team work better together, bring clarity to your strategy and objectives, build a plan to accomplish key goals and design an execution framework with accountability and room to ask for help. Together let's go further faster with deeper learning.

See an example of an engagement here.



Coach Dan's article

"An Invitation for Coaches: BE

published in Coaching World.



Coach Dan George

Coach Dan George

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Coach Dan's radio interview about "The Importance of Coaching."

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let's talk

let's talk

I am committed to serving my clients to greatness.  Let's explore how I might help you. Book your free consultation call below.

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