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Ryan Neiswender

eCommerce Partnerships | Visa

I have had the pleasure of being coached by Dan over this past year. During our time together, Dan has challenged me to become more of a reflective leader. Through helping me develop this leadership muscle, Dan has taught me the power of using past experiences to shape future decisions.


Dan's greatest strength is his ability to listen and synthesize people's words into actionable strategies that can be implemented into everyday work. His desire to invest and develop others is contagious, and something that I have tried to emulate in my personal and professional career. I highly recommend Dan George as a coach.


Steve Monaco

 Managing Principal | Monaco & Company

Dan has the "total package" of someone you want in your corner. I used Dan when I was at a crossroads in my business so when I learned that Dan had finished his ICF credential I jumped at the chance to work with him.... 

Watch Steve's video testimonial here.


Bob Tweedie

 Director of Leadership & Learning | Revantage Corporate Services

I have worked with Dan on many different occasions as he supported a number of my talent development programs, as faculty, coach, or facilitator. Dan brings a unique blend of years of experience as a senior leader and expertise in people development. He is an expert facilitator of training, including new manager and senior staff. He was also a career coach, providing guidance to younger colleagues in critical stages of their career. I would gladly work with Dan again, and hope he takes my advice to take a full time role in learning and development. His success would be guaranteed!


Danny Schaffner, Jr.

Lead Pastor | First Christian Church

A good coach gives advice and direction. A great coach goes beyond by giving direction towards self-discovery and empowerment. This is the relationship I have had with Dan. He has an innate ability to ask the question that unlocks your thinking, give direction that leads towards empowerment, and know the difference between when a conversation to confront, correct, or encourage is most appropriate. While knowing each other less than a year, I am amazed by the clarity by which he has led me and am thankful for the way I have grown as a man, leader and person of faith. My life is enriched because of his coaching.


Charise Angderson 

Manager and DevSecOps Lead | Deloitte

Dan has been and will be an incredible coach. He hired me at Deloitte and was my team leader for 5 years. I learned a lot from Dan, not just about IT product development and serving our customers, but also about how to be an inspirational leader. He instills trust in his teams and customers through showing how our work connects to the larger goal of delivering exceptional service. He listens in order to guide others to work towards the best possible outcome, turning tough customers previously critical of our work into cheerleaders. People gravitate towards Dan because he is approachable and personable. He makes it clear that he will be available to you should you need him and constantly offers tailored opportunities and challenges to help you grow professionally. A lot of how I lead, coach, and mentor others is because I watched Dan do it exceptionally well. Now that he is a dedicated full-time coach, he will do amazing things for his clients.


Sherry Dunwoody

Licensed Insurance Agent | World Financial Group

Having Dan as my coach was so refreshing and informative and here's why:

  • He knows how to listen.

  • I was able to express the "Why" I want to have my own business.  When I told him why I wanted to be independent, he asked me why...I told him that I wanted to love on my family and shower them with gifts. I also want to help others achieve financial freedom.

  • When do you ever get a chance to have someone listen to YOU to voice YOUR thoughts and feelings? Typically, we are always giving/listening to others.  Dan was there to give to ME! He allowed me to be heard and he cared for me.

  • Dan asked a lot of questions and as I answered them, I discovered who I am. By doing this exercise, I figured out what I am made of and what my goals are. By doing this, I have discovered my learning style and I am learning to be patient with myself.

  • Dan is very encouraging and uplifting and at the same time held me accountable.  There were times that if I didn't have an appointment with Dan, I probably would have blown off the task that was to be done.

  • It is imperative to have a coach when you are in the thick of business.  I highly recommend Dan!


Jerry Raynor

Manager, Global Technology | Deloitte

Dan was an internal client who quickly turned partner, career coach, and then boss, mentor, and friend. He was the driving force behind my preparation for and acceptance into STARS (Success Through Acceleration, Recognition & Sponsorship), a highly selective 7-month program for high performing/high potential Deloitte Global managers. His style of coaching and facilitation draws out personal strengths, activating leaders and teams to push businesses forward. Aspiring managers and seasoned leaders alike have and will continue to benefit from Dan's coaching and learning programs.


Patrick Weeden

Executive Director | Kelch Aviation Museum, Inc.

Dan takes his work seriously and works with his clients to identify areas for meaningful improvement. He connects on a personal level while maintaining a professional atmosphere. Working with Dan, I was able to focus my career planning and discover opportunities that I hadn't seen before.


Christopher Hoffman

Operations Management | ACT Network Solutions

I can not recommend Dan’s programs highly enough. He has a gift from our Lord in coaching and you will most certainly be blessed in the time you spend working together. He is simply awesome, it is one of the greatest investments of your time you will ever make. Keep up the awesome work, Dan.


Tom Anderson

COO | Good Shepherd Church, Naperville

For nearly 20 years, I have counted Dan as a friend and a mentor. Our relationship has evolved over the years, but what has remained constant has been his honesty, integrity, and desire to help others. Professionally, Dan has helped me develop many plans, build teams and lead others, and deliver high quality products for our customers.  Personally, he has helped me grow into the leader and man of integrity that I desire to be.


Scott Lewis

CEO | Kickfactory

Dan and I have had a mentoring, coaching relationship for over a decade. In 2020 he has formally taken the role of mentoring me. As an entrepreneur it’s been important for me to have Dan in my corner to remind me of the mission and help draw out of me the answers to the questions I’m facing.


I count Dan among my best friends, closest allies, and business confidants. And I would recommend his coaching to anyone interested looking to make a greater impact on their organization.


Chris Pfoutz

Senior Manager | Deloitte

Dan served as my mentor and career coach for 6 years while I worked at Deloitte. Dan built an environment in our relationship that was mutually beneficial. There were a few difficult points in my career and Dan coached me in a manner to help me uncover what was best for myself, for others involved and for the organization. Despite this being a company-sanctioned role, I always felt comfortable that Dan prioritized the best outcome for me (rather than the company) and my privacy was of utmost importance. As a result of Dan's coaching, I found problems resolved, was able to gain credit for my work and, met long standing personal and professional goals (overseas assignment and promotion).


As a professional, Dan is people focused and during his tenure at Deloitte, was involved in many efforts focused on people and employee engagement. Above all else, Dan is a man of integrity...someone who has strong ethics and stands by his word.


Mary Mantia

Learning Delivery Specialist | Deloitte

I cannot say enough wonderful things about working with Dan! I have co-facilitated Learning programs with Dan multiple times and he is one of my favorite facilitators to work with. Dan comprehends the materials quickly, but then takes his own twist to make it more personable, yet always professional. Dan brings a high-energy, solution-orientated attitude and fun to every classroom and meeting he goes to. I wish I was able to work more with Dan every day!


Rina Petersen

Manager - Data Visualization | Deloitte

Dan has been a great coach and mentor to me, as I navigate my journey as a new employee. He is a good listener and a creative thinker. Dan is very generous with his advice and his time, he makes sure he understands the situation and comes up with positive ideas. He is sincere and thinks really hard on how to help his mentee. This is really incredible. I feel so fortunate to have Dan as my mentor/coach. Thank you Dan.

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